Experience the Magic of Naran & Kaghan: Where Mountains Meet Meadows

The charming town of Naran is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, in the upper Kaghan Valley. Naran, which is 2,409 meters (7,904 feet) above sea level, is a well-known tourist attraction because of its breathtaking scenery and mild climate. It is the starting point for several natural attractions, including as the well-known Babusar Top, which is around 65 kilometers distant, and is located about 119 km from Mansehra city.

Naran is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pakistan due to its booming tourism industry, particularly in the summer. The valley is well-known for its verdant meadows, glistening lakes, and towering mountains. At the height of the season, Naran Bazaar, which is crowded with many of hotels and eateries, comes alive with activity. The region’s significance as a tourist destination is increased by its use as a transit route to Gilgit Hunza via the Babusar Pass. It is projected by the local government that tourism will continue to rise, with 5 million visitors predicted by 2024.

Key Attractions in Naran and Kaghan Valley:

  • Lake Saif-ul-Muluk
  • Aansoo Lake
  • Lalazar
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Babusar Pass
  • Batakundi
  • Jalkhad
  • Pyala Lake
  • Shogran
  • Siri Paye
  • Kiwai

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