Experience Gilgit  Valley: Stunning Passu Cones and the Tranquility of Borith Lake

The Passu Cones, also known as Tupopdan, are 6,106 meters tall mountain ranges in Pakistan’s Karakoram mountain range. They offer stunning views from the Passu Cones Viewpoint and Passu Cone Hills View. The Passu Sar, the largest and 28th highest mountain in the world, is located at 7,450 meters and is best visited from April to October. Visitors can reach the pass via jeep, taxi, motorcycle, or two-hour walk through beautiful trails.

Borith Lake, located in the Hunza Valley, offers a peaceful place for relaxation with snow-capped mountains and calm water. It is a safe haven for migrating birds and is a rich cultural experience for the Wakhi people. Nearby restaurants serve traditional Hunza Valley food, and visitors can enjoy meals while taking in the beautiful scenery. Gulmit Village, surrounded by the Hunza Valley hills, is a great place to visit with its 800-year-old Altit Fort and charming villages.

  1. Hunza Valley
  2. Gilgit
  3. Skardu
  4. Chitral
  5. Fairy Meadows
  6. Shangrila Resort (Skardu)
  7. Deosai National Park
  8. Khunjerab Pass
  9. Attabad Lake
  10. Shandur Pass
  11. Astore Valley
  12. Rama Meadows
  13. Phander Valley
  14. Naltar Valley
  15. Rupal Valley
  16. Baltistan

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