Things to do in Tulsa:Uncovering Related Activities and Hidden Treasures

Things to do in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a place with a lot of history and culture. It has a great mix of art deco and modern architecture that visitors will enjoy. There is something amazing for every tourist to see in Tulsa, from beautiful museums to historic sites. We’ll show you all of Tulsa’s beautiful art deco and modern buildings in this detailed guide, so you can get the most out of your trip to this exciting city.

Philbrook Museum of Art: A Stroll Through Artistic Splendor

Start your tour of Tulsa’s art deco and building at the Philbrook Museum of Art, which is a creative haven in the middle of the city. The Philbrook Museum is housed in a beautiful Italian-style villa with lush grounds. It has a large collection of art from Europe, the United States, Asia, Native America, and Africa. You’ll be amazed by the works of art that show you different times and countries as you walk through its halls. Do not miss the chance to take a walk through the beautifully landscaped grounds. The peaceful ponds and winding paths make for a great place to relax and think.

Gilcrease Museum: A Tribute to the American West

The Gilcrease Museum is a great place for people who are interested in both Western art and Native American culture. The museum’s collection still shows the spirit of the American West, even though the current building is closed until it can be torn down and rebuilt. The Gilcrease Museum has the most art from this area in the world and a huge collection of Native American artifacts. It offers an immersive journey through history and heritage. Keep an eye out for themed gardens that honor different gardening styles from different times. These will add a touch of natural beauty to your time in the museum.

The Cave House: A Quirky Tale of Tulsa’s Past

Visit The Cave House, a historic site that is full of character and charm, to get a sense of Tulsa’s strange side. During Prohibition, this one-of-a-kind house was built in 1924 as a chicken restaurant. It has strange architecture and a colorful past. Through its interesting stories and fun tours, The Cave House gives tourists a look into a time gone by that was full of mystery and fun. Get in touch with the owner ahead of time to set up a time to visit and get lost in The Cave House’s magical world.

Tulsa Zoo: An Adventure in Wildlife Conservation

Take a wild ride through the Tulsa Zoo, which is an 85-acre park where wildlife protection and family fun come together. The Tulsa Zoo has many different kinds of animals from all over the world. It is a great place to learn, explore, and get in touch with nature. There is a new adventure waiting to happen around every corner of the zoo, whether you’re looking at powerful lions, playful primates, or strange birds. Take part in educational activities, hands-on displays, and environmental projects to learn more about the amazing creatures that live in the animal world.

BOK Center: Entertainment Hub in the Heart of Tulsa

The BOK Center is a world-class venue in the middle of Tulsa’s arts area that has hosted famous performers from all over the world. People of all ages can have an unforgettable experience at the BOK Center, which hosts everything from electrifying concerts to exciting sports events. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere of downtown Tulsa while watching great shows and events at this famous venue.

Woody Guthrie Center: A Tribute to a Folk Legend

At the Woody Guthrie Center, you can learn about the life and work of one of America’s most renowned folk singers. This museum tells you everything you need to know about the famous troubadour Woody Guthrie’s life and work to preserve his body of work and honor his dedication to social justice. You can look at interactive exhibits and archival materials to learn more about Guthrie’s lasting impact on music and action. The Woody Guthrie Center promises to be educational and enriching for everyone, whether they are a die-hard fan or just passing through.

Center of the Universe: A Quirky Landmark with a Mystical Aura

Find out what the Center of the Universe, a strange symbol on top of a Tulsa pedestrian bridge, is all about. Even though it doesn’t look like much, this place has an interesting secret: it’s a place where sound doesn’t make sense and echoes back in a strange way. As you walk into the center, you’ll feel strangely like your voice is echoing in a way that you can’t explain. The Center of the Universe is a truly unique and memorable place to visit, no matter if you believe in God or not.

Tulsa Performing Arts Center: Where Creativity Takes Center Stage

At the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, you can get lost in the exciting world of performing arts. This culture hub hosts a wide range of plays, ballets, operas, symphonies, and other events. Five high-tech stages are all in one building, so the center has something for everyone. Every show, from traditional ones to more experimental ones, promises to entertain and move people of all kinds. Tulsa is going through a cultural rebirth. Come take part in it and see the magic of live theater at its best.

Vintage Sewing Center And Museum: A Stitch in Time

At the Vintage Sewing Center And Museum, you can go back in time and learn about the interesting world of old sewing machines. Enjoy looking at tools from various times and places, as each one has its own story of skill and creativity. This museum is a fun way to learn about the history of sewing and textiles, whether you are an experienced knitter or just interested in collecting. Learn about the art of the past and develop a newfound understanding for the age-old craft of sewing.

River Parks: Nature’s Playground Along the Arkansas River

At River Parks, you can get away from the noise and chaos of the city and reconnect with nature. The parks are a huge network of trails, gardens, and meeting spots along the Arkansas River. River Parks is a peaceful escape from city life, whether you’re riding a bike, running, or just strolling along the beautiful paths. Explore this green oasis in the middle of Tulsa and enjoy the beautiful flowers, strange sculptures, and soothing water features.

Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium: A Journey Beyond the Stars

At the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium, you can start an adventure where you can learn about the amazing things that happen in space. Explore exhibits that you can interact with, be amazed by old planes, and be amazed by the stars in the planetarium’s dome theater. It shows how people have been trying to reach the sky since the very beginning of flight and up to the most cutting-edge technologies of the future. The Tulsa Air and Space Museum offers an exciting trip through the worlds of science and exploration, whether you want to become an astronaut or have always been interested in planes.


Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a lively tapestry of history, culture, and fun that offers a wide range of interesting things to do. Tulsa has a lot to offer visitors, from the grand halls of the Philbrook Museum of Art to the strange charm of The Cave House, and from the exciting shows at the BOK Center to the peaceful beauty of River Parks. Exploring Tulsa’s rich history, getting involved in the arts, or just enjoying its unique charm will make for an amazing trip full of discovery and pleasure. Starting an adventure will help you find the city’s secret gems. Every corner holds a new story waiting to be told.

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