The Rebirth of Baltit Fort and Altit Fort in Hunza Valley

In the 13th century, Baltit fort was built and became the first city of the Hunza valley. In the 1600s, when Mir Ayesho II’s wife, the daughter of the Balti king, came to live in Hunza, a fort was built against the snow-covered mountains. Mir Ayesho II was the great-grandson of the famous ruler Girkis. Balti-style builders were brought by her to build the fort. It was fixed up when Ayesho II’s son was in charge. They put up new wallpaper, curtains, stoves, staircases, and windows with colored glass, all paid for by Mir Nazim Khan. A white wash was used on the outside of the fort. He also built a higher platform in the terrace so that the council could meet there. After the city was moved to Karimabad, the fort’s furniture and decorations were taken away. In 1945, Hitler Khan’s son moved to Karimabad.In 1984, it was an empty building. On the other hand, the fort was fully rebuilt from 1990 to 1996, using all of its original structure parts and taking earthquakes into account. The fort looks like it was just built, but it still has all of its original features. It also has a beautiful view of the Hunza valley. In some rooms of the fort, clothes, pictures, and old dishes and furniture given by people in the area are on display.

Altit Fort

Villagers in Altit, which is at the base of the 900-year-old Altit Fort, had left some of their homes empty. Almost a third of the homes had been left empty, and new buildings were taking up important land that could be used for farming. We fixed up the town before building the Fort to deal with this problem and avoid the social and economic problems that would come with a lot of tourists. Adding toilets and water sources has been very important in bringing the native town back to life.
The Fort has been left empty. This shows how strong traditional engineering methods are by showing how these buildings can withstand tremors in an area with a lot of them. Most conservation work involves fixing problems with the structure, making walls more stable and stable again, rebuilding some roofs, stopping wood rot, and making sure there is enough light.

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