Must-See Kashgar Attractions or Sightseeing

Id Kah Mosque

Kashgar Attractions Get ready to be awed by the beauty and spirituality of Id Kah Mosque, which is the center of Kashgar’s religious and cultural identity. The rich Islamic history of Kashgar is shown by this building masterpiece from the 15th century. The towering minarets reach for the sky, and the walls are covered with detailed tilework that makes people want to stop and admire the skill. If you go inside, the prayer hall is peaceful, and the sound of songs from hundreds of years ago will give you a deep sense of Kashgar’s spiritual life.

Abakh Khoja Tomb

The Abakh Khoja Tomb is full of stories and beautiful Islamic art that take visitors on a trip through Kashgar’s mysterious past. This tomb is one of the holiest places in Xinjiang. It is a memorial to the great Sufi master Abakh Khoja and his family. Be amazed by the beautiful turquoise domes that top the complex and represent endless respect. You can take a peaceful break from the busy streets of Kashgar by walking through the quiet courtyards and ornate rooms. There are whispers of history and the sweet smell of incense.

  • Old Town Kashgar

In Old Town Kashgar, you can step back in time and become part of the city’s rich tapestry of life, which shows its ancient roots and long-lasting customs. Get lost in a maze of narrow alleys lined with mud-brick homes that are hundreds of years old and show how time has passed. Check out busy bazaars where people buy and sell everything from silk to spices. The lively conversations between them fill the air with energy and excitement. Find secret gems like the famous Kashgar Grand Bazaar in the middle of all the action. The sounds of Silk Road trade can still be heard there, giving you a glimpse into Kashgar’s long and interesting history.

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