The Historical Heritage of Kashgar

You can enter Kashgar’s fascinating historical past through its amazing architecture that bears witness to hundreds of years of cultural importance. Wandering through the charming streets of Old City, you’ll be surrounded by the timeless beauty of Muslim architecture and holy sites, each of which tells a story from a different time. Learn about the sombre peace of the Yusuf Khos Khojib Mausoleum, a holy place where the prayers of Chinese Muslims can be heard. Look at how big the Id Kah Mosque is! It’s a beautiful building that draws thousands of people to its holy grounds every Friday for prayers and happy events.

Go to the beautiful Mausoleum of Khoja Abajo to learn more about the life and impact of this respected preacher and the mysterious Turkish Princess Syanfey. There, stories of bravery and wisdom will captivate visitors. In the middle of it all, don’t miss the beautiful Gaotay village, where artists still practise old crafts and visitors can see how people used to make things. Kashgar has a lot of historical sites that you can visit and a rich culture history that you can understand.

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