How to Use AwardHacker for the Best Flight Rewards and Savings

Award Hacker is a great website that will inform you how many points and miles can you utilize to book a trip. It’s a great start base for you to benefit you make use of your miles and points. If you’ve chosen an area but aren’t sure what points or miles you should take to reach your destination, Award Hacker can benefit. The site itself is user-friendly, however the results of the search payoff can be difficult to grasp. In this article we’ll guide you through how to use and comprehend Award Hacker.

How Award Hacker Works

Awards Hacker lists the points and miles that can be used to make flights across two towns. The website doesn’t tell you if there’s actual availability. To determine availability it is necessary to look up an airline’s official website.

Award Hacker doesn’t inform you if one of the routes it identifies are operational on the dates you want. Airlines often change the routes they use, adding new ones while removing other routes. This was especially true during the outbreak.

Award Hacker may not always be up to date with these changes. They ( still) have a disclaimer at top of their site that says: “Due to Covid-19, many routes are no longer available at the moment.”

That’s why, while Award Hacker is incredibly beneficial, it’s only an initial point of reference. It is still up to you to look for availability of awards by yourself. However, Award Hacker will at a minimum tell you what airlines to research.

How to Use Award Hacker: ToP Thoughts

Award Hacker is a fantastic starting point to redeem points and miles to pay to fly. While the site is easy to navigate but the results of the search payoff require some understanding. This guide will help you will be able to understand Awards Hacker’s research outcome and get amazing value from miles and points.

Award Flight Booking Easier with points

It’s easy to be excited about the possibility of travelling with miles and points. You’ve seen a few photos of Instagram with captions that describe the way someone flew to India for free, or you go through a few blog posts on the benefits of credit cards and welcome bonus and in a matter of minutes you’re in love with the idea.

While you think about the vacation you’d like to take You read about earning points and enroll in several credit cards. You begin earning points and, soon enough you’ve built up your balances on your loyalty accounts suitable that the flight you’d like to travel on are within your reach. However, how can you make reservations?

It’s then that you discover that there are two aspects of maximizing the value of your loyalty and credit card rewards. Many ways to earn miles or points to accumulate balances in your loyalty account is the easiest aspect. However, together these points for booking flights could be a little more difficult.

How to Use AwardHacker for the Best Flight Rewards and Savings

AwardHacker is an excellent starting point for your search for awards and is the only free tool that is listed. For every routing search, the website lets you select the origin and destination the cabin class you want to use and the number of stops you’ll allow. You can even restrict the search to certain airline programs or currencies that can be flexibly used.

The search outcome will be according to the airline program you’ll be booking. The payoff include the number of miles needed and the program of the airline employed, the number of stops will be made and the airlines that will run the flights. It will also let you know the currencies that can be used to transfer funds to each airline’s program.

There are two points to keep in mind when looking over the outcome for a search using AwardHacker however. The first is that the results for the outcome will give you the cost in miles, however they don’t give any information on taxes, fees or fuel surcharges. Certain programs, particularly those flying in premium cabins the charges could be as high as hundred dollars per ticket, which is why it’s important to look into for these also.

How to Using AwardHacker and

The other thing to be aware of is the thing that most confuses novice users: Results on AwardHacker are speculative. The payoff you get after you have completed a search do not have anything to have to do with the seats that might be available to book for that specific route for the dates you desire. AwardHacker only provides the amount of miles that it will cost to book a low-level award on every airline. The process of finding an award seat at this low-cost for the date you want to fly on is your choice.

AwardHacker is still a great tool to determine the amount of miles needed for every airline program that is available for the specific route. Even though we have found the site to occasionally be glitchy however, it’s still an excellent place to begin your search for awards and benefit you choose which loyalty programs to explore first.

If you are with the service, you are able to run an individual search that includes dates and destinations, and it will scan over 30 programs and over 100 airlines to discover as much award availability that it can. It’s not as extensive by the fact that it’s not able to show extended availability for things such as United card holders as well as elite passengers of certain airlines However, being able perform a search similar to this can benefit you save tons of time when searching for flights.

Not just will reveal the various awards that are available and the cost for the program you choose It will also guide you through the process of acquiring the points, where the points can be transferred and explain the whole procedure starting with transfer and booking. provides a range of prices and services which range from simple day searches to complete concierge bookings, so it is likely that you will find a solution that fits your specific needs.

$5–Starter Pass which grants Standard Access to the plan for all hours of the day

$129/year or $12 monthlyStandard Plan

  • Unlimited search results
  • Your own payoff specific to your goals
  • Step-by step booking instructions
  • Exclusive tips for destinations

$260/year–Premium Plan

  • Everything is included in the Standard plan.
  • 10% Discount on Concierge Services
  • Miles and points that you can customize “checkup” annually
  • Five 24-hour Starter Tickets to present to family and friends each year

$200/passenger–Full-service booking

  • A professional handles every aspect of your award booking experience. an experience that is similar to an traditional award booking service.


Utilizing Award Hacker is an excellent start to maximize your points and miles to fly. While the website provides a user-friendly interface as well as useful information on points needed for certain routes, you must confirm availability and any charges on the websites of airlines. Even with its limitations Award Hacker offers the foundation you need for your award-based plan. To make a more extensive and effective searching, offers advanced features and personalised services to ensure that you reap the maximum benefit for your rewards. With these tools, you’ll be able to save money and enjoy satisfying travel experiences.

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1. What is Award Hacker and how does it help with booking award flights?

Award Hacker is a website that provides information on how many points and miles you need to book flights between two cities. It is a useful starting point for understanding which airline programs and point systems can be used for your desired route. However, it does not show actual seat availability or additional costs like taxes and fees.

2. How accurate are the results provided by Award Hacker?

While Award Hacker provides a good estimate of the miles required for specific routes, the results are speculative and do not guarantee availability. Users must check the airline’s official website for up-to-date information on seat availability and additional costs such as taxes, fees, or fuel surcharges.

3. Can Award Hacker show me which routes are currently operational?

No, Award Hacker does not provide real-time information on which routes are operational. It lists possible routes and the points required but does not account for route changes or cancellations by airlines. It’s important to verify current routes and availability directly with the airlines.

4. How does complement Award Hacker for booking award flights? is a more comprehensive tool that not only shows award availability but also guides users through the entire booking process. It provides information on how to earn points, where to transfer them, and detailed booking instructions. offers various plans, including a full-service booking option where experts handle the entire process for you.

5. Are there any additional costs associated with using services?

Yes, offers different pricing plans depending on the level of service required. The Starter Pass costs $5 for 24-hour access, while the Standard Plan is $129 per year or $12 monthly. The Premium Plan costs $260 per year and includes additional benefits like discounts on concierge services and customized annual checkups. For a complete hands-on booking service, charges $200 per passenger.

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